Friday, January 20, 2006


You think you got what it takes to be a Triple Crown Author?

Don’t fool yourself because your best friend told you that you have what it takes! Triple Crown is looking for new passionate writers that write from the soul and not for financial hopes. Our proof readers are very vicious and have no time to waste on fairytale stories. Either the story happened to you personally or you have the true writers skills that it takes to keep a reader's attention and take them for a ride that they believe. Everybody has a story to tell, but at the same time everybody is not a writer.
If you still think you got what it takes, submit your first four chapters of your best work to Triple Crown Publications for review and a possible chance to become a published writer!
Well if you are the next hot author and you want to submit some of your work to T.C.P for review and consideration, please follow the instructions below.

Submission Guidelines:
Cover Letter
Title Page
1st (4) Chapters, double spaced pages
SASE for return of unaccepted manuscripts

Mail to:
Triple Crown Submissions
P.O. Box 7212
Columbus, Ohio 43205


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