Friday, January 20, 2006


Okay here's what I did.

First I went to the Copyright website to read up on official copyrights:

Secondly, I went to the ISBN website to get ISBN numbers for my books.

Thirdly, I went to the PCN (Preassigned Control Number) website. This are numbers that are assigned to individual publishers as ICCN (Cataloging Control Numbers)

I also searched around for editing services on line and found a local editor to edit my first book. Once you are assigned ISBN's you are going to need a barcode Graphic. This information can also be found on the bowker site. The rest of your book up to you baby girl.

The official registration of your work is $30. The ISBN is $225 (but you get 10 of them, which is worth the investment for new self publishers, if you plan to publish more books). The editing I think will be the most costly, because it all depend on the size of you manuscript. There is a place on the net (I'll have to look up the address) that I thought was less expensive than the others, but you'll probably have to do some research on that yourself. The barcode was $10. I did that electronically and they sent me one graphic in which the printers can use for the book while in printing. The research to publish your own book is worth it. I see no need to hold back information from anyone that wish to publish their own work as the other self publishers because there really is no reason for charging people for information they can find on the internet themselves. If you are determine to get your project done all you have to do is search the net. There is a lot of good free information out there to help you. Type in "Publishing Your Own Book" in the search box on the internet and information will pop up everywhere. Sometimes its just best to put together your own project and publish it so that you will be familiar with at least the basics of what publishers do when creating a project. I hope this helps.

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