Friday, January 20, 2006


The Three Magic O's

Success can be difficult to define. But having worked over twenty years in the highest levels of the entertainment industry, and authored a critically acclaimed book on career advice, I have witnessed a strong pattern for highly successful people. This pattern can be explained simply by what I have labeled, "The Three Magic O’s."
Optimism, Obsession, Obligation.

The secret to the Three Magic O’s is simple. Not easy, but simple. First of all, excellence in one or two of the O’s isn’t enough. Success demands all three. They must be practiced together and consistently, every day (weekends, too.) Then, check your progress on the Magic O’s daily, weekly and monthly. Remember: What we measure gets done. I cannot emphasize enough the life changing importance of the Three Magic O’s. Don’t merely follow them. Believe in them completely and they will carry you farther than you could ever imagine.
Think of the word "obsession." It conveys a strong image, doesn’t it? Ask yourself, if you were obsessed with success at your job, how would you act? You would be focused, determined and relentlessly resourceful to accomplish the result(s) you desire. This means you will not tolerate excuses. You should execute every task as though your life depended on it. Imagine the level of intensity or creativity or determination you would bring to a problem if your life or the life of a loved one depended upon it. Now imagine valuing excellence as much as survival. That’s obsession.
Optimistic people are positive, encouraging, enthusiastic, grateful and uncomplaining. Push yourself to be the most optimistic and enthusiastic person you know. Also, it’s not enough to feel optimism inside. You must share it passionately and openly. Especially when you are overworked and/or stressed. Be optimistic in your thinking, your approach and your ideas – in work and in life. Constantly ask yourself this question: How can I present myself as more optimistic? Feeling optimistic isn’t enough. Conveying optimism is the key.
Winners are promise keepers. They are tenacious, determined, disciplined and honorable. The key to obligation is self-discipline. On your journey to success you will have obstacles because let’s face it, success is sometimes inconvenient. It is tiring and time consuming, and just plain hard. But successfully completed obligations serve you immeasurably in your overall quest for real success.
As I’ve said, The Three Magic O’s are simple, but not easy. There will be times when you will probably want to give up. And you can. But you won’t be successful. Remember that winners do not quit – no matter the difficulty. They possess the discipline to hang on. Unlike losers who quit when they’re tired, winners quit when they’ve won.
You must dedicate yourself and your life to the Three Magic O’s. The sooner you start the process of constantly applying and measuring them, the sooner your life will change for the better – and great success will be yours.



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