Friday, November 11, 2005

Writing Markets

Market Listings below are from "1500 Paying Markets For Your Articles,
Short Stories & Poetry". Always research the source first!!!
Crescent Blues will talk to favorite writers, and ask them the things
you'd like to know, because we want to know them too. We will explore
the side streets of arts and entertainment. We will look at cons from the
inside out, and bring back the stories you want to read. Crescent Blues
buys previously unpublished reviews of books, movies, live
performances, videos, television shows, CDs and games. Recommended
word length is
between 300 and 500 words. The rate of compensation for all reviews and
features is 1/2 cent a word, payable upon receipt of a signed contract.
Submissions should be clearly legible, preferably typed, either single
or double-spaced, and include your name, mailing address, and e-mail
address on the first page. Each work must be the original creation of
the submitter. Both unpublished and previously published works are
welcome. Authors of works selected will receive $50.00 for fiction and
$25.00 for non-fiction or poems, with payment when the display is posted to
the site.
We are looking for challenging work, literary work. We are looking for
writers who dream of putting the right words in the right order. We are
looking for work from around the world. We do not believe in borders.
We do not believe in extremes. Make it intelligent. Make it interesting.
We'll like it. The Danforth Review publishes 4-8 short stories every 6
months. The Danforth Review pays $100 (CDN) for a short story.
There are more aspects related to Asian martial arts than commonly meet
the eye. Most publications have focused on this subject only to satisfy
the interests of the mass market, while other scholarly writings limit
themselves to a highly specialized audience. Our journal spans both
types of readership. How?--Although the journal treats the subject with
academic accuracy, we believe that writing styles need not lose the
reader! The Journal of Asian Martial Arts offers a mature, well-rounded view
of this uniquely fascinating subject, attracting a readership that has
a close affinity to Asian history and culture. Pays: For articles,
$150-500 on publication, plus 2 copies. Payment in copies for reviews.
The editors seek a balance between established writers and artists and
promising new ones, and material of variety and vitality relevant to
the intellectual and aesthetic questions of our time. We aspire to have a
broad appeal; our commitment, in part regional, is not provincial. At
the time of publication we will pay thirty-five cents per line for
poetry ($10 minimum per poem); $50 for an essay or a work of fiction.
Authors also receive two complimentary contributor's copies.
PORTABLE MUSE - an e-journal that has been around for about three years
now. We are interested in quality short fiction. We pay $25 for
featured fiction [accepted fiction over 750 wds]; Authors retain all rights to
any work. This is an excellent vehicle for beginning fiction writers to
get their work looked at.


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