Friday, November 11, 2005

Small Presses and e-Publishers

These non-traditional presses often produce work in both
Print-on-Demand format (POD) and electronic press format. Very few are recognized by
Romance Writers of America.

Atlantic Bridge Publishing -- Offers many genres in electronic and
trade paperback formats. Pays royalties but no advance. It does have
submission guidelines. Claims to be looking for romance, especially
"highly sensual" romance for their Liquid Silver imprint, which has its own
website and submission guidelines.

Avalon Books -- They produce wholesome romances, and only in hardcover.
Lots of libraries buy these books. Here are their guidelines.

Baycrest Books -- I'm not sure what to think of this one, but here it
goes. This paperback small press strives to produce books that "make
waves". They have a romance imprint called Sunset Rapids where they
claim to want romance novels with social relevance, and they don't care if
there's a Happily Ever After ending. If you buy something from their
Sunset Rapids "store" (t-shirts, etc), the proceeds go to the National
Organization for Women. They also have division for Lesbian/Gay books
and accept romance of that vein there, as well. Submission guidelines

Beagle Bay Books -- A small press that puts out their work in trade
paperback format. They take what they label as Women's Adventure/Romance
and have submission guidelines.

Creek Press -- Formerly known as Whiskey Creek Press, this
Wyoming-based electronic and trade paperback small press asks for all kinds of
fiction topic, including romance. They also take non-fiction, though they
don't specify what kinds they're interested in. They do have
submission guidelines.

Domhan Books-- The site contains tips for writers. They have a
submission guidelines page. Update: Domhan hasn't been open to submissions
for years (that's not an exaggeration) and there have been complaints
reported to me in the past, so writer-beware.

Echelon Press -- An electronic small press that says it will publish
their most successful titles in POD and even mass market. They take "all
genres" of romance, as well as several other kinds of books. They are
very specific about manuscript and submission format on their
submissions page, so read carefully.

Elan Press -- A small press that seems to produce trade paperbacks.
Not exactly sure though, since the info on their site is quite sketchy.
They have put out a collection of romantic holiday stories and do
mention romance in their submission guidelines. Update: A writer has
informed me that Elan Press wants to hold her submitted story "indefinitely"
while they wait out poor economic conditions. This is never a good
sign. As always with smaller presses, writer beware!

Electric eBook Publishing -- Produces fiction and non-fiction ebooks in
many sub-genres, including romance. They are a Canada based publisher,
though it doesn't seem like they're limiting submissions in any way to
just Canadians. Check out their submission guidelines.

Ellora's Cave Romance E-books -- For those writing romantic erotica.
Mostly time-travel, paranormal elements, and contemporary here. They do
have pretty specific guidelines on what crosses that delicate line from
romantica to pornography, so check out their submissions page before
you submit. Update: RWA has recently accepted this publisher, the very
first e-book publisher!

Hardshell Word Factory-- They offer pros and cons to e-publishing on
the same page as their submission guidelines. They've also expanded into
trade paperback.

HAWK Publishing Group -- A very small press that publishes non-fiction
and fiction, including romance. They have submission guidelines (where
they admit they don't even bother to respond to material they aren't
going to buy).

Imajinn Books -- If you've written a romance that doesn't quite fit
into traditional categories, this might be the place for you. They
specialize in paranormal romance. Their site is easy to navigate, and the
submission guidelines are easy to find. One of the few small presses to
be recognized by Romance Writers of America.

Jacobyte Books -- Publishes both electronic books (40% royalty) and
print-on-demand (10%) royalty with no advance. They do publish romance
and have extensive submission guidelines.

Loveland Press, LLC -- Well, this site has undergone some major
changes, though it still gives me pause no matter how professional it looks.
They no longer use Paypal to buy, but have added gifts to their offered
items for sale. It's really more of a selling site than a site for a
publisher. Still no address, only the 1-800 number for orders.

LTDBooks -- Well, I was recently taken to task on this publisher.
Though their submissions were closed for a very long time, they have now
reopened. They publish a wide variety of romances and I was told (while
being taken to task) that they hope to produce three titles a month.

Medallion Press -- A new trade paperback publisher I know very little
about. They have both submission guidelines and a FAQ on their
submission policy. They seem to take most varieties of romance.

New Concepts Publishing -- This one has a fairly large list of romances
available. They also have a long page of submission guidelines which
now include editor names and preferences in detail.

New Leaf Books -- A very small press, but they do take romance. I can't
tell much about them from my tour of their site, but they don't seem to
charge fees. Let me know if anyone encounters otherwise. They do have
submission guidelines.

Novel Books, Inc. -- Novel Books started in October 2001 and have
released several romances since then They have a submissions page.

Port Town Publishing -- A POD press that seems to be interested in
obtaining more romance. They are pretty adamant that they don't want
erotica, though. They have or are planning to publish both contemporary and
historical romance. They have submission guidelines.

Publish America -- A Print-on-Demand small press. They don't appear to
charge fees and claim to have had manuscripts optioned to Hollywood.
Check out their submission guidelines for more info.

Red Sage Publishing -- A small company that has put out a series of
novella collections called Secrets. The Secrets collection are
sensual/erotic romances. They are accepting submissions for the next
installment, here are the guidelines. One of the few small presses to be RWA
approved. (And they are now my publisher).

Rocky River Romance -- This Australian small press produces
category-length contemporary romances set in Australia. I don't know about their
distribution, etc. But they do have submission guidelines.

SANDS Publishing -- An electronic press that may also be expanding into
POD (though it's hard to tell from their website). Check out their
submission guidelines for the skinny.

Silver Lake Publishing -- They have submission guidelines, a FAQ about
their business, and they also publish a couple of magazines for you
free-lancers out there.

Speculation Press -- A Sci-Fi/Fantasy publisher that targets women
readers. They are romance friendly and have a submission page.

Tigress Press -- A small press interested mainly in fantasy and
romance. They seem very new, but don't appear to charge fees (if anyone
experiences differently, let me know). They do have a submissions page.

Treble Heart Books -- Offers POD and electronic press. They have
expanded the other publisher's markets to include a wide range of romance.
They do have guidelines.

Whippoorwill Press -- Thanks to the author who pointed out a rather
unsavory addition to the Whippoorwill Press site. A new paid critique
service. And we all know that is a HUGE no-no. So they will be removed upon
the next update.

Zumaya Publications -- Don't know much about these guys except that
they do take romance and have a submissions page.

These non-traditional presses put their work in electronic format
exclusively. No e-presses are recognized by RWA yet . More and more
e-presses are expanding their market into POD, so this section may shrink and
eventually disappear.

Afternoon Delight -- This is exactly what it sounds like. Erotic
romance. LOL A very new company (very few titles at this time) with very
little information about themselves. But there are submission guidelines
(along the left hand menu). Let me know if you encounter anything wonky
when submitting to them.

Amber Quill Press -- An epub who puts out romance, including erotic
romance in a strictly electronic format. Don't know much else about them,
but they do have submission guidelines.

Awe-Struck E-Books -- Although I find their interface a bit jarring,
they have lots of info on their site. They publish all sorts of genres,
including romance, and have a set of submission guidelines,.

Boson Books -- An electronic press that has a contemporary romance
imprint. They have a submissions page.

DiskUs Publishing -- Publisher of all kinds of e-books from adventure
to children's to romance. They do have a set of submission guidelines,
and a page where you can track the status of your submission via a
number they assign to you upon receipt of your manuscript.

DLSIJ Press -- Electronic Press which claims to offer women's books by
female authors, including romance. They do offer submission

Renaissance E Books -- This publisher started out doing erotica, but
have expanded to regular fiction (including romance) and even
non-fiction. They have guidelines on their pages.

Scheherazade Tales -- The site has recently updated its look and the
information available. It's still a young press. They now have
submission guidelines.

Triskelion Publishing -- A brand new e-publisher with no titles, but is
accepting submissions. No information available because they're so
new, but feel free to contact me if you encounter anything wonky when it
comes to them.


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