Friday, November 11, 2005

> Hi folks,
> I'm sure that you've heard there are a lot of changes going on in
> the publishing world. BET Books has been acquired by Harlequin and
> Kensington has merged Carl Weber's Urban books and Genesis Press
> into their fold.
> 1. BET- If you were planning to submit to BET, you still can until
> December 1. After that, their offices will be merged and the books
> will be under either the Kimani Press Imprint, which is series
> romance or Harlequin Arabesque. The names of Arabesque, Sepia and
> New Spirit will remain the same for easy product recognition. I'm
> sure more info will be coming out later, but that's a tidbit for
> now. There are plans to reissue the backlist under the Harlequin
> name, so look for some of your favorite vintage BET books as HQ
> books.
> 2. Kensington, has not done much more than announce the merger.
> We're still waiting for more details about it means to authors.
> next book comes out under the Dafina imprint, which I don't think
> will be affected by the merger. It does clear the way for more
> contracts with Urban books with bigger distribution though, so for
> some of you sitting on the fence about submitting to a major house-
> now is the time to get out there.


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