Monday, March 28, 2011

Writer's Block

I have suffered with writer's block for years! It can make you question your ability and purpose as a writer and that sucks. Nothing should come between yu and our writing dreams. "Gone With The Wind" took about 15 years to get done, so keep the faith. I have papers in my house that are nearly 20 years old and they come in handy from time to time when I'm writing something new.

My best advice to you is the following:

1. Sleep with a notepad next to your bed. In the middle of the night, if you wake up with any thoughts or dreams, jot them down.

2. Write a journal everyday.

3. brainstorm, write down any ideas that may come to mind about your subject, random words, etc.

4. Don't give up! See every day as an opportunity to write that masterpiece!



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